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Service:Monthly Intuitive Guidance Session (45 mins/Phone) add another, change

Everyone wants to feel connected, to love, and to be loved.  Your "team" wants your relationships to be harmonious and full of love. Whether it is romantic, parental, familial, or work-related--it is right and good to ask for guidance about navigating relationships in everyone's highest interests.Most of us understand the Law of Attraction, but many of us still feel stuck.  Manifesting prosperity and calling in your heart-felt desires is a skill that is unique to each individual.  Your higher self and guides are happy to make suggestions to help you receive.

Please note: this service is for clients who commit to a session with me every month.  During our first session, we will agree upon our monthly call time.  


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Main Arboretum Location (Session & Workshops)
9501 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 301, Austin, TX, 78759