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Service:Chakra Immersion Therapy (45 mins) add another, change

Most of us have “problem” chakras–chakras that are severely or chronically imbalanced.  In these sessions, I will focus on one chakra with a layering of modalities to heal, balance, and restore.  Using only holistic and natural products, an immersive experience will include advanced crystal placement, combined with any of the following: 

--Music or sound specifically tuned to the chakra 
--Diffused and annointed essential oils 
--Color Bijas and mudras 
--Gem elixers 

Expect this to be a genuinely relaxing, and spa-like experience.  You leave brighter, lighter, and inspired.  I will also give you “omwork” to empower you to continue your healing journey. 

Please note:  Immersion therapy is best for those who have already experienced a Chakra Healing Session (which includes balancing and attuning the main seven chakras,) who have recently had an all-seven chakra clearing session in another modality, or who have a consistent practice of maintaining a clear energy field.  Focussing on one chakra without attention to the others can cause whole-system balance issues.

Location:Main Location, The Arboretum (Sessions & Workshops)
Provider: Tracy Sage King--Arboretum
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